Full text search with TurboLucene

March 14, 2007

Krys Wilken has done a great job writing a simple interface on top of PyLucene named TurboLucene. PyLucene itself uses Lucene. Lucene is a very popular text search engine, and is used by large systems such as Wikipedia and CNet.

The TurboLucene tutorial uses Kid templates and SQLObject. I integrated it into my own project that uses Genshi and SQLAlchemy.

It’s worth mentioning that PyLucene must be installed manually because it is OS dependent. This adds complexity to making your application easy to install.

You must also disable Auto-Reload in your TurboGears configuration, which may slow down your development process.

More information about the query syntax and other details can be found at Lucene homepage.

Below is the additions to my project to get TurboLucene integrated (full repository here). So far I’m just indexing one type of objects.

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