Looking for documentation

Here’s a list of documentation that helped me getting started with Python and TurboGears:


A Byte of Python
Python 2.4 Quick Reference


Official documentation – Preview documentation for 1.0
A request’s journey through the TG stack – Simple and beautiful
The CherryPy Documentation – the web development framework
Kid documentation – template language
SQLObject – object-relational mapper

The TurboGears discussion group isn’t very active. It is rare with more than ten posts new topics per day. The freenode channel #turbogears has about 50 users logged in at 13:00 UTC/GMT +3 hours. The irclog shows that there aren’t very much activity here. 81 lines for one day.

Thanks to Trac it is easy to follow the status of the project and see who is doing what. Trac timeline is a good way to follow the activity of the project.


There is for sure enough documentation for a beginner to get started. I’ve heard complaints that there are too little of it. Compared to many other open source libraries I feel overwhelmed with material. There are also some on-line videos to learn from.

The activity on the forum and the channel were surprisingly low for a project that has so much fuzz. I was hoping for more discussion. You don’t always get an answer either in the channel. Not very nice for a newbie.

There is an upcoming book called Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears.

Using Python to Create Ajax-Powered Sites


5 Responses to Looking for documentation

  1. Ian Ozsvald says:

    You’ve picked an interesting time to start this blog, what with the 1.0 release of TurboGears around the corner. I’m one of the founders of ShowMeDo.com, we’re keen to encourage the sharing of knowledge via screencasts. We’ve always felt that a calm, confident presentation does a lot to give a new user some much-needed confidence to try out a new skill.

    You’ve mentioned that there are a set of TurboGears screencasts to learn from, so perhaps you’ve already seen the ‘casts for CatWalk and Docudo, and maybe the two for Selenium. We found then a bit hard to find at first, so we’ve aggregated Kevin Dangoor’s Wiki videos along with Ronald Jaramillo’s into our TurboGears section and I’ll be adding the outstanding Selenium videos later.

    I see you also mention PyDev, we have a set of videos by PyDev’s author, Fabio Zadrozny, introducing PyDev and the Extensions, along with ShowMeDos for other IDEs.

    Our goal is to encourage people to share their knowledge via screencasts (we have docs and videos to make it easy), to make it easier for everyone else to learn new skills. I’ll keep following your blog, perhaps your examples would make for a good ShowMeDo series?

  2. Welcome to TurboGears land! You have indeed jumped in at an interesting time, and I hope you enjoy the experience.

    When you say “10 posts per day”, I’m assuming that you mean 10 new topics per day. The average number of messages per day last month was ~30 (more than 900 total for the month).

    The book will definitely be the best documentation resource, and we’re working to make part of it (to start with) available electronically on Safari soon. It’s due to be out in print in 2 1/2 months.

    I’m also working to improve our whole doc process in short order.

  3. atwork says:

    Hello Kevin!

    Yes that was a typo, thanks for pointing that out!

  4. atwork says:

    Hello Ian!

    Screencasts are for sure a great way to learn. It’s a much gentler way to dig into something than to start reading.

    I wouldn’t use my examples as instructions since I am not experienced with neither TG nor Python yet. Maybe when I get more experienced.

  5. Ian Ozsvald says:

    Well, you wouldn’t have to make a screencast about TG, we’re all about sharing *knowledge* at the end of the day 🙂

    I’ve just had one of our users ask if he can demo his favourite graphical diff utility (of course he can!). We will however be concentrating on building a library of great and informative TurboGears videos for the near future…that’s our main push for now.

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